About Us

Based in Sheffield, although offering services throughout the UK, we are a growing provider of independent expert witness psychologists. We have numerous Forensic and Clinical Psychologists who are available to undertake expert assessments, provide advice and offer therapeutic interventions.

All of our expert psychologists have significant experience and knowledge of their field, and have been selected by FPS Ltd because of their high level of professional standards and their commitment to producing quality assessments within tight deadlines.

Over the years FPS Ltd has grown in expertise, reputation and size; however, as a company we remain committed to selecting an expert specifically to meet your requirements and timescales, who will be able to provide an in-depth understanding of the assessments, procedures and interventions best suited to your client.

Our Expert Psychologists are:

  • Registered Forensic / Clinical Psychologists with the Health and Care Professions Council
  • Chartered with the British Psychological Society

Our Expert Psychologists:

  • Have practised in Forensic and Clinical settings
  • Have extensive experience of Family Proceedings
  • Have considerable knowledge of Criminal Justice Services
  • Have extensive experience of Parole Board hearings
  • Have substantial experience as an Expert Witness for Criminal and Civil Courts, Parole Board Hearings, Immigration Tribunals and Mental Health Tribunals